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We make STEM less intimidating and more inclusive, empowering young people to make informed choices about their future.

Build more than robots

Empower young people to develop the technical and soft skills they need to take on the future.

More than STEM enrichment

Young people develop technical knowledge and soft skills whilst broadening understanding of STEM education and careers.

  • Develop new skills outside of their comfort zone
  • Collaborate across year groups
  • Understand education and career pathways
  • Engage with employers, further and higher education
  • Earn team awards and accredited individual awards
  • Become well-rounded citizens empowered to own their future

“Joining the FIRST Tech Challenge UK programme has opened up my career choices and developed my social and programming skills.”

Laurel, 15,
St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls

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“These students come from areas where there are not a lot of opportunities, but this challenge gives them life experience. Here they get to do things they’d only do at university and this experience is inspiring many of them to pursue further university studies.”

Karl, Teacher, Chiswick School

More than a competition

Last season teams built a robot to take on an electrifiying game: POWERPLAY! 2,000 young people rose to the challenge; flick through our best bits.

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FIRST Tech Challenge UK - National Championship 2022-23

“The FIRST Tech Challenge programme is amazing, I wish I had it when I was at school. It’s given me fantastic opportunities. I’m a ref volunteer at events, I’m part of a champ school org now. I’m planning on hosting local scrimmages and networking with other teachers and students. I’ve coached four different teams and it’s just so empowering to be part of the community because you can see the students’ growth.”

“I’m a teacher and I teach but FIRST allows me to do more than teach. It allows me to build future engineers. Even if they don’t wanna be an engineer, they know how it’s gonna help them in their life moving forward.”

James Rhee, Director of Learning of Design and Technology in Art and Enrichment, and Elective Mentor of Robotics at Harris Academy Sutton

Let’s build more than robots

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  • We build More Than Robots

    We use robots, role models and competitions to make STEM more approachable and inclusive, empowering young people to make informed choices about their future.