Posted on the 1st May 2019
Written by Mission Control

A royal FIRST! – CEO meets Her Majesty the Queen

…and Rover holds a street party to celebrate.

It’s been an exciting year for the team at FIRST® UK – a full-on rollercoaster ride working hard to lift this programme off the ground. There were some amazing highs, like the kick-off event held at JCB, then zoom ahead to the two phenomenal regional championships back in March. We can’t believe everything that has happened so far and couldn’t have achieved this without our fearless teams, partners, Game Changers and friends, building the community from the ground up.

To top off these unbelievable moments, would you believe us if we said we met the Queen last month? That’s right – the Queen her Majesty! Talk about first year goals, right?

Our CEO Ed, Chief Disruptor himself, was given the honour to meet with Her Majesty at Windsor Castle on 2 April 2019, joining hundreds of charities and volunteers as they celebrated the collective power of voluntary action over the last 100 years, marking the National Council for Voluntary Organisations’ (NCVO) centenary.

Those who attended are actively involved in social, economic and environmental causes, including many who work hard to make a difference in the lives of young people. It’s pretty great company to be in, even without the royal connection!

Unfortunately, Rover wasn’t allowed to tag along but held a party at HQ to cheer Ed on.

As Ed put it, “An audience with the Head of State was a reaffirming boost to the organisation – energising and reminding us of the critical nature of our mission; to ensure all young people are equipped with the STEM and life-skills needed to succeed.

“It’s no secret we’re facing a UK STEM skills crisis, more significantly we’re at risk of leaving our young people behind as technology continues to change the workplace as we know it. The young people we serve are awe-inspiring; there are no limits to their innovative ideas and we are driven by their determination. We will continue to invest in the skills and values they need to become tomorrow’s innovators.”

Peter Kellner, chair of the NCVO mentioned in a public statement:

“We are immensely grateful to The Queen for recognising the role of charities and volunteers in such a special way. It’s important to remember, particularly at this point in time, the strength of our communities and the many volunteers and charities that sustain them. Without doubt, the world around us would be a very different place without them and their incredible contribution.”

What a way to finish off our inaugural FIRST Tech Challenge season here in the UK. Want to get in on next season’s fun? Here’s how schools can take part.


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