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More than a partnership

We knew when forming the charity in 2018 its engine would be industry. Not simply the fuel in terms of funding, but critically - people. This isn't ju...
Posted 12 January 2023

More than trustees

Posted 14 July 2022

Southeast Regional 2 2021-22 results

Posted 19 July 2021

Think Award Winner — Team F.R.I.T.E.S.

Posted 19 July 2021

Inspire Award Winner — Team GroundX

Posted 19 July 2021

Motivate Award Winner — Team Binary Bots

Posted 19 July 2021

Collins Aerospace Innovate award winner — Team CalderDrones

Posted 19 July 2021

Connect Award Winner — Team Snapwire

Posted 11 March 2021

Educational consultant opportunity

Posted 2 March 2021

Helping you navigate the season ahead

Posted 2 February 2021

Watch The Download 2020-21 Kick-off edition

Posted 20 January 2021

Dom’s strategy tips

Posted 17 December 2020

Let’s get kick-off readyyy!

Posted 2 December 2020

Impress the judges with these five engineering notebook principles

Posted 14 October 2020

Ideas to organise your team around Covid-19 safety measures

Posted 1 May 2020

Charities Minister urged to rethink furlough

Posted 9 April 2020

Surveying the impact of furlough and Covid-19 on charities

Posted 20 December 2019

Looking back on 2019

Posted 25 October 2019

Building a strong game strategy – a lesson from team Binary Bots

Posted 29 July 2019

‘I don’t like robots but that’s why I loved interning at FIRST UK’ confesses Jacob

Posted 17 July 2019

‘We truly do things that matter’ – Jasmine reflects on her FIRST internship

Posted 24 May 2019

Building the technologists of the future

Posted 18 March 2019

Robotics team share their ‘whirlwind of a journey’ ahead of global championship

Posted 11 March 2019

Tomorrow’s innovators get robot ready

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