Posted on the 12th January 2023
Written by Ed

More than trustees

We’re on the hunt for some simply brilliant people to share their talent, expertise and time to take the UK’s most exciting tech-education charity to the next level. You will be pivotal in shaping and enacting our new 3-year strategy to make STEM less intimidating and more inclusive. Our CEO shares his thoughts on why now is the time to become a Non-Exec Director with at FIRST UK.

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This is the most significant blog post in our young charity’s history.

It needs to compel you to lend us your talent, relationships and passion to empower the next generation with the technical and life skills they need to thrive. 


We have a problem, we need you to attack it

Today, in the UK on average, there are 10 unfilled STEM roles per business, only 24% of the STEM workforce are women, one in three young people are not confident with their next steps in education – an inclusion and skills gap which has only widened since Covid-19. Each year, we send more young people into the workforce who are ill-equipped and disenfranchised. At FIRST UK, we use robots, mentors from industry and competitions to build STEM capital, empower young people and break down barriers. The interventions we offer, the funding and operating model which delivers them, and the impact we can create are assured. Accessing schools and other environments where our beneficiaries operate to embed programmes sustainably is arguably our most acute challenge. We need your help to overcome it.

You’ll be joining at an inflection point for the charity

Moving us from STEM enrichment for the masses, towards precision-targeted impact for the underrepresented. Our inaugural strategy articulates an intent to more than double the charity’s impact over the next three years, serving 4,000 underserved and underrepresented young people likely to benefit most from our core intervention FIRST Tech Challenge UK. We have a well defined, scalable operating model and a passionate, experienced team who make ideas happen.

We’re backed by some of the world’s leading technology businesses

Thanks to industry supporters (like Arm, Raytheon Technologies, Bloomberg, Twilio, Collins Aerospace, Disney to name a few) who understand the problem and want to invest in the solution, we now have the runway and permission to take off. We are attracting fresh talent into the organisation – including you – to deliver and smash the strategy. We’re collaborating with delivery partners to ensure nationwide reach, localised targeting and scalable operations. We have honed our core programme and gateway products to provide a suite of delivery methods and progression pathways.


We’re not afraid to challenge, disrupt, learn and pivot

We believe a charity should want to go out of business. We have a tractable problem to address and we need your help to attack it. Now, let’s Build More Than Robots.

Ed Cervantes-Watson


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